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26-Jun-2020 22:15

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Try and get the coziest spot next to your friend, preferably an isolated spot.

Start a conversation with your friend and eventually start whispering to your friend. Whispering into each other’s ears is completely acceptable when you’re high!

And at some point of the conversation in between all the close facial contact, go right up and kiss your friend.

The kiss may last a while longer if you’ve built a lot of sexual chemistry through all the body contact, but even if your friend’s not drunk, you’d still be able to sneak in a quick kiss.

#3 Kiss your friend when they’re consoling you This is a sneaky move, and it’s another common ploy in getting to kiss a friend.

How to kiss a friend Have you ever tried to kiss a friend? Your friend may be shocked, surprised, or may want to stay away from you.So call the friend you like and tell them how *depressed* you are and how much you’d appreciate it if they could come over to your place to cheer you up. Turn your cheek in ever so slightly when your friend’s about to kiss you goodbye, and viola!When your friend comes by to your place, snuggle up and hug your friend. #5 How to kiss a friend via text flirting Now this is a safe way to kiss your friend. But unless it’s a mutual desire, it’s best to stay away from such complications.

But if you really do want to get frisky with a pal, here’s your guide on how to kiss a friend, the easy way.

But at other times, you may not always end up lucky and another friend may end up kissing the friend you want to kiss.