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13-Jun-2020 18:49

The idea was to promote collaboration and to emphasize the importance of working as a team.Arya’s group had been given Robert’s Rebellion and she had resigned herself to doing the whole thing with no assistance.

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She was feeling quite proud of herself when Margaery turned to her suddenly and asked, “Arya, have you ever kissed anyone? She had never actually kissed a boy except for Mycah, and Sansa was right - that hadn’t really counted.Two weeks into the semester, the boys had learned Arya’s last name and immediately began playfully teasing her about her noble status.Despite her insistence that that stuff didn’t matter and that her family’s relation to the royal family was so distant that it shouldn’t even count, Gendry had taken to calling her things like “m’lady” when she got too bossy. Usually his comment would have earned him a kick to the shins, but he was sitting diagonally across from Arya today and her legs couldn’t reach. Gendry cried out, sending Hot Pie and Lommy into a fit of laughter and earning the table a disapproving look and a “Shhh! When Professor Yoren had announced on the first day of History 201 that the rows the students were currently seated in would form their groups for a year-long group project, Arya had been more than a little concerned with her seat selection.In the row across the aisle sat three eager looking girls with neat notebooks and fresh textbooks - one girl even had the non-required textbook.

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Arya had looked to her left at the three boys in her own row.Though the conversations often veered into very silly territories, Arya genuinely enjoyed these Thursday evenings, and she didn’t want the girls to think that she was intentionally blowing them off. Sure, Hot Pie was adorable in a teddy bear kind of way and Lommy might be cute if you were into boys who desperately tried to look as if they aren’t trying.

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