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Bang-Bang: A play that unfolds very quickly and suddenly.

Banjo Hitter: A light-hitting batter who hits a lot of flair hits and seldom makes solid contact.

Cheap Run: When a team scores a run without doing much hitting. Chin Music: A pitch that is thrown at a batter’s head who might be too inside on the plate.

Chopper: A ground ball that is hit hard on the dirt and takes a high hop.

Around the Horn: When the fielders throw the ball around from 3rd, to 2nd to 1st during a double play OR when the catcher throws the ball down to third and the fielders toss it around after a strikeout OR when a hitter touches them all after a home run. We breakdown the calculation here: How to Calculate Batting Average.

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Battery: Term used to describe the pitcher and the catcher. Called Up: When a player is promoted to the major leagues from the minor leagues.

Backdoor Slider: A slider that looks outside before cutting back across the plate.

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