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27-Mar-2020 07:05

The /r/audiobooksonyoutube sub is built specifically for sharing which videos on You Tube are actually audiobooks.

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The easiest way to find an audio book here is to browse through the authors and titles.

The audio books here include original stories, fairy tales, classic stories, educational books, and some small stories for the very little ones.

These audio book downloads are located on a variety of other websites, too, so some of them may be direct links to the MP3 while others might be streamed from its download page but not available for download.

Having a free audiobook in the car for when you run errands, on your phone when you're traveling, or on your computer to enjoy while you work, can keep you sane and add some fun and interest to your day.

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These websites offer completely free audiobooks for you to download and listen to whenever you want.You can listen to these books on the Loyal Books website, download MP3s of the chapters altogether at once in one ZIP file, download the whole audiobook in one M4B file for i Phones and i Pods, save specific chapters only, stream from your Android with this app or i Phone/i Pad via the i OS app, and even get the audio book through an RSS reader.