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07-Aug-2020 04:18

The right person for you won’t fit into some superficial box.They will be a real, living person just like you, riddled with imperfections.The struggle is getting to that point because it requires us to get out of our comfort zones and really put ourselves out there.We must set our pride aside, overcome the ego, and submit to love. The most difficult thing to do in a relationship is to tear our walls down. But when you meet the right person you realize that anything you don’t put your whole heart in will definitely fail. The fact that someone would care enough for you to risk their whole heart, and that you would do the same, is a good sign you are with the right person.

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Every time you learn something new about them it feels like watching the discovery channel.

This person understands that neither of you are mind readers and it will take communicating wants and needs to get to your very best.

Having someone take accountability for his or her actions can be a surprising yet pleasant change They know where you lack and love you for it rather than in spite of it.

Someone who can listen to you, process what you are saying, and believe in what you are saying.

They won’t talk over you or make assumptions on what you want, they will ask for that clarity and listen when you give it.They will be on a journey, just like you, growing and learning from their mistakes.