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15-Sep-2020 16:41

Or take two of the 4 ohm speakers and wire them in series for a 8 ohm load if that is what the amp likes.

It just all depends on the amp you want to use with the cab.

They are not of a concern with dating as only the 2 letter date codes on whichever chart or sticker and the transformer number comes into play for that....

There are other ways but the above is a more accurate method.

: The transformer number tells you when the transformer was made and not necessarily the date the amplifier left the Fender Factory, the “2 Letter” date code on the Tube Chart or QA Sticker actually tells you that and that makes it the most accurate option for dating the month and year it was made....

So it gives you a ROUGH idea of the very oldest model the cab could be.

Speakers are bulky and take up lots of room so they would not have been warehoused like smaller parts like pots, caps and tuners for long.

So I'd say, that my best guess is congratulations it is a 1968 cabinet loaded with Oxford speakers.

You can't push much power through those speakers as it sits. If you wanted to actually gig with this as a bass cab, you could replace the existing speakers with modern 12 inch bass speakers.

The regular Delta-12LFA is heavier but handles even more power at 500 watts each. Some people really like the Beyma 12G40 speakers and if money is no object, they are awesome.