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The following information is provided to assist you in determining if the role of a Recruit Prison Officer is suitable for you. The warrants are the first phase of “Operation Surprise Party," an effort launched in 2017 by a collaboration of military and civilian law enforcement agencies to foil a prisoner-led extortion, money laundering and wire fraud scheme that “cost 442 service members from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps from across the United States more than 0,000 in financial loss,” a Wednesday NCIS release said.For further information please see the Information Booklet and Application Form which are below.

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Applications submitted after this time and date will not be accepted.

Assistant Principal Officer Health Safety Booklet Assistant Principal Officer Health Safety Application form OPEN COMPETITION FOR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL OFFICER IN THE IRISH PRISON SERVICE – EMPLOYMENT LAW SPECIALIST The Irish Prison Service is an executive agency of the Department of Justice and Equality and is responsible for the provision of safe, secure and humane custody for those people committed to prison by the Courts.

"The father will typically state that he will leave law enforcement out of the equation if the victim agrees to pay for various things like cell phone replacement, counseling, hospital treatments, etc.” Targeted service members often succumb to the pressure, the NCIS release said, forking over the funds out of fear of repercussions from their command as a panic sets in that they’ve unknowingly been soliciting child pornography.

JPay also oversees distribution of South Carolina’s costly prison tablet services, the report said, so the inmates can directly apply the “sextorted” money to funding the online scheme from inside the prison’s walls.

PRISON LOCATIONS: We are currently seeking Nurses for Prisons in all of the below areas: To apply please contact CPL Healthcare EMAIL: [email protected]

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