Dating during divorce kids

16-Mar-2020 23:32

It’s wise to consider how every action could affect your divorce – and when it comes to dating, there is reason for concern.

Michigan is a no-fault state, meaning, in the simplest terms, that neither party is legally at fault for the dissolution of the marriage.

Certainly, we all have types, and if you, at some point in the future, decide to settle down again and revert to type, that’s fine.

But this period is for The Three E’s – Exploration, Experience and Experimentation.

Be wary, however, of those who will be in your world for a while. If he was paternalistic and controlling, go for someone fun-loving and a bit of a bad boy.

Although it is one way to meet people, single parents of your kids’ schoolmates, co-workers and your ex’s buddies can complicate things, so be cautious. If she was wild and irrational, try shy and bookish.

It’s often presumed that things will be divided on a 50-50 basis in a Michigan divorce, but it could be argued that an unequal division of the assets (60-40 or 70-30, for example) is only fair. The member of the divorcing couple who has a new partner could find themselves losing precious time with their children.

It could be implied that you’re not focused on the welfare of the children if you’re dating while the divorce is in progress.

But your marriage is ending and he or she has moved out – and moved away. But Michigan annulments are a legal process, and proving that a marriage never existed can be a challenge, no matter...However, if you cheated on your spouse and that ultimately caused the breakdown of the marriage, fault can indeed matter.