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We’ve put together an absolutely AH-mazing gift guide to help you know exactly what to get the women in your life.You’re going to want to grab some pen and paper to jot down your favorites! That’s right, don’t even worry about fighting the crowds this year, all the cool people are shopping from home! Not only are these gifts useful, exciting and sure to make your woman smile, but our fancy gift guide will make it easy to shop from the comfort of your own home…Chef Diva Cat actually keeps a couple of these around — one for cutting dough (the traditional use, which it does beautifully), and one for easy clean up!

Set out your Christmas picnic and get ready for your mistletoe kiss!

First things first, give your spouse the invite and let them know, “I’d love to be rockin’ around the Christmas tree with you! This will get them excited for the Christmas date and mistletoe kiss(es) that are coming their way!

Next, get to work on the adorable Christmas picnic.

When you get a hankering for some of your soup, but only want some for yourself — pull out two or three pucks, put them in a bowl in the microwave, and you are good to go!

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There’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books, but no crueler pain than losing them for good–until the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit!The novels included in this beautiful leatherbound collection are “Sense and Sensibility”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Mansfield Park”, “Emma”, “Northanger Abbey”, “Persuasion” and “Lady Susan.” With this Body, Hair & Face Treatment everything is covered! A quick burst revitalizes hair, adds body and texture, and leaves it feeling clean and fresh too! Seriously – Diva Camille can’t live without this stuff!