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This is listed under the Preparation Options page of the wizard.As noted it will perform: As mentioned above, make sure you are logged in as an enterprise administrator to perform these operations at a forest level.After installing, you will have a functional Windows Server 2016 domain controller, functioning at the lowest functional level required for your legacy DCs (lowest being Windows 2008 level).

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LOCAL" ` -Install Dns:$true ` -Log Path "C:\Windows\NTDS" ` -No Reboot On Completion:$false ` -Site Name "Default-First-Site-Name" ` -Sysvol Path "C:\Windows\SYSVOL" ` -Force:$true The wizard will perform one final prerequisites check.If you are looking to Prepare Active Directory Windows Server 2016 DC Adprep then hopefully this quick post will show how easy the process really is to introduce your first Windows Server 2016 domain controller.Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the center for management tasks (Users, Groups, Computers, Organizational Units, Schema) in Windows networks. It was practical if you were engaged with less than 50 users and computers.As mentioned in the comments below, this error also could have been avoided by entering in the “Supply the credentials to perform this operation” domain credentials on the Deployment Configuration screen.

After logging back in as an enterprise administrator on the domain, the replicate from domain controller part of the wizard was error free.If you are interested in an in place upgrade of Windows Server 2016 R2, check our post here.