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02-Oct-2019 17:30

first reported on the Jack’d security flaw in February of 2019, noting that security researcher Oliver Hough had informed the company a year earlier to no avail.The popular dating app had uploaded photos to a publicly accessible Amazon Web Services storage bucket, even when users believed the pictures were private.New York’s attorney general has settled a complaint over gay, bisexual, and queer dating app Jack’d, whose parent company left users’ private photos exposed online for at least a year.The company, Online Buddies, will pay 0,000 and implement a “comprehensive security program” to prevent similar incidents in the future.While Online Buddies’ long delay was a big part of the problem here, security flaws — or outright sharing of sensitive information — are an ongoing problem in mobile apps, including dating apps.Grindr formerly shared users’ HIV status with app optimization companies, and its acquisition by a Chinese company raised national security issues.

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It also confirmed that “senior management of Online Buddies had been told in February 2018 of this vulnerability,” as well as another problem that could expose data about users.

Cyber-security firm Pen Test Partners was able to precisely locate users of four popular dating apps—Grindr, Romeo, Recon and the polyamorous site 3fun—and says a potential 10 million users are at risk of exposure."This risk level is elevated for the LGBT community who may use these apps in countries with poor human rights where they may be subject to arrest and persecution," a post on the Pen Test Partners site warns.