Dating cup size

26-Sep-2020 04:32

The horizontal grey band in e shows the range in collagen yield of repeated large extractions from the background bone.The dashed lines at 1% show the guideline minimum requirement for reliable The standard practice in our lab is to extract large bone aliquots (ca. Although this method requires a large time investment (demineralisation can take up to four weeks with the HCl 0.5 M changed twice per week), we observe much higher collagen yields using this technique compared to powdered extracts of equal starting weight.Different labs vary in the strength of reagents used, the duration of treatments and the inclusion of further decontamination steps.

Dates 15,000 BP have been rounded to the nearest 10 years. Grey shaded bands show the 1σ range of graphite dates measured from large extracts of the same bone.

Detailed pretreatment information for all extracts can be seen in Supplementary Dataset S1. The weaker HCl (0.2 M) (step 2) and lower gelatinisation temperature (60 °C) (step 3) required a greater time investment and did not necessarily increase the yield of collagen compared to using stronger acid (HCl 0.5 M) during demineralisation and higher temperatures (70 °C) during gelatinisation.