Dating costa rico

07-Dec-2019 16:34

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a relationship because of a planned long-term stay then you’ll do well to put yourself out there so that you can meet different women before you choose the one who is right for you.

Also, you’ll probably have to take the relationship slow because Costa Rican girls can be difficult to figure out in the beginning and will take time to reveal their true character, whether good or bad.

Be careful not to overplay the ‘westerner’ card because international tourists are an everyday occurrence in Costa Rica and women are used to socialising with men from all over the world.

Therefore, it would be a good idea not to tell women at every chance you get that you’re from a developed western country, and try to not make a big deal about your English accent or the fact that you’re so proficient in the language. ’ You’ll be better off showing off your Spanish than boasting about where you come from.

Thing is, Costa Rican women generally have bubbly personalities and laughing and flirting is part of how they socialise on a daily basis.

In fact, it’s become more of a habit than a mating ritual like it is in the West, and they’re much more playful in comparison to women in countries like the US and UK for example.

If you want to meet Costa Rica’s trendy young women, visit the pubs that are located close to the university grounds especially on Friday and Saturday evenings, as they are filled with young, beautiful, intelligent and charismatic women.

These girls are usually fun-loving and friendly, and the environment of being in a pub makes it easy to break the ice.

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That’s why it’s important to make it clear as to what you’re eyeing.

Believe it or not, Costa Rican women have a difficulty saying ‘no’ due to their culture and how they are raised, and will therefore seek other ways to let you down.

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