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The ritual begins with a puja to lord Ganesh at the bride’s home. They gift a beautiful saree to the seated bride and also some jewelry.

They then apply a spot of sandalwood paste and vermillion on the bride’s forehead.

Typical Tamil weddings are more about sticking to the age old customs and traditions than a lavish affair.

For the Tamilians, the spiritual symbolism of a wedding is paramount rather than all the pomp and show.

A Kolam or traditional south Indian sand art designs that are believed to be bringer of good luck, is prepared at a special spot within the house.

Vrutham – This ritual takes place at the groom’s place on the early mornings of the day befor the wedding.

After the welcome is done, ten Brahmins are invited over who take part in a ritual that offers appeasement to the families’ departed ancestors.

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The important Tamil wedding rituals are given below.This thread is said to protect the bride and the groom from evil energy.