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Peter Lawford drove Ava home that evening, quietly informing her: ‘There’s a girl Mick’s seeing. It’s been going on for quite a while.’ Rooney was still huge at the box-office, so Ava agreed not to name names in a divorce action.

Mayer and MGM gave her a salary increase as reward for her silence.1943: Ava’s romantic involvement with billionaire Howard Hughes began immediately after her divorce came through.

Not for Ava’s benefit, of course, but to avoid any studio scandal. She refused him.1944: Minor Egyptian actor Alexander D’Arcy was photographed dancing with her at the Trocadero during their affair.1944: Mervyn Le Roy, producer/director (43) had a brief tryst with Ava (21).1944: Ava met band-leader Artie Shaw in 1944, married him in 1945 and divorced him in 1946. Ava hated that he gave up his friends to the HUAC during the Red Scare.

‘I think he was full of shit’, she said.1945: She met Frank Sinatra in 1945, married him in 1951 and divorced him in 1957.

I have only listed the liaisons that are proven beyond any reasonable doubt, although I do mention Clark Gable as a ‘possible’, simply because most sources seem to assume he and Ava had a ‘thing’.

They were friends for years so it probably happened. Ava with Charles Gray in the late 80s Confirmed liaisons: 1941: Ava met Mickey Rooney in 1941, married him in 1942 and divorced him in 1943.

Within three weeks or so of the marriage he was cheating on her and she caught him out.

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Cached - Similar The Biography Channel - Ava Gardner Biography Find out more about Ava Gardner Biography on The Biography Channel. BIO has pulled together a list of outstanding films which we still love to talk about years later.Her last words (to her housekeeper Carmen), were, "I'm so tired," before she died of pneumonia at the age of 67. I was meant to have babies." "I'm one Hollywood star who hasn't tried to slash her wrists, take sleeping pills, or kick a cop in the shins.After her death, one of Frank Sinatra's daughters found him slumped in his room, crying, and unable to speak. That's something of an accomplishment these days." "I can't imagine why anybody would want to have an interview with me.Mickey was wearing a bunch of fruit on his head for .

After they were married she asked him what he thought when he first saw her.

Ava lived out her final years in London, befriending (platonically) British actor Charles Gray of fame.

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