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24-Jan-2020 01:25

I found the North-East-South-West and sequential numbering systems helpful for navigating—Of course, I did use the wipers many times instead of the blinkers, reached over the wrong shoulder into thin-air looking for the seat belt, zigzagged on unmarked back roads, and tried to get into the passenger side several times—but I survived.

While driving in America became less of a challenge with practice, applying math was a different story.

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S., the figures are 34 percent and 33.8 percent, respectively.Converting everything from the British system of units to the metric system—especially Fahrenheit to Celsius—required constant brainpower., the United States is 51.3 percent Protestant, 23.9 percent Catholic, and 4 percent claim they are “none.” Australia, on the other hand, is 25.8 percent Catholic, 27.4 percent Protestant, and 18.7 percent consider themselves to be in the category of “none.”On one occasion, while exploring the States, I was approached by someone who asked, “Do you know Jesus?

Like there’s all these people around me drinking coffee and they have no idea what we’ve been doing Her: 😀 Me: And I really want you here next to me right now I want to do it for real Her: so do I, but not in Starbucks 🙂 Me: true…. It also includes the world’s best advice on what to do on a first date, and how to progress a girl to sex once you are along with her.… continue reading »

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