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And as a single parent you can be confused as to how to parent and date at the same time.Keep in mind that communication is always the goal.They may become uncooperative, withdrawn, and rebellious or over attached to you.Each child, depending on age and personality, will react differently.That's why it helps to be around people who understand what being a parent entails and realize how important your kids are to you.This is where a service like Single Parent comes in handy, because you'll only be matched with other single parents in your area.We want to let go of blaming, angry outburst, silence withdrawal or acting out, all of which can occur in families, either by you or your children.Being sensitive to one another, respectful of your needs as well as your children's needs is what will bring families together. Return to top of Dating Tips for Divorced Moms Trying to date as a single mom has its own challenges.

That’s why it’s vital to discuss the notion of Mom or Dad dating after the divorce, so any anxieties or grievances can be out in the open and any doubts can be expelled.

When divorce happens and there are children involved, there are a number of hurdles to jump over: the announcement, the reassurances, the custody decisions.