Dating and viability

08-Oct-2020 00:24

Yes, if you are a hydrated person, drink half of what they tell you about an hour at the earliest before you go in, you will be fine.

This ultrasound examination is usually done vaginally around the eighth week of pregnancy.It is useful to have a moderately full bladder, which can allow a better picture of the baby as your bladder pushes the uterus up above the pelvic bone.An hour before your appointment, please empty your bladder and drink 2 standard glasses of water.My hosp gave me prints of the ultrasound every time, one or two guaranteed, and I had abouut 5 of them as she was huge and at the end they wanted to keep checking her out.(Went two weeks over).

The techs were great, always tried to give me a new shot, even a 3D looking close up of the face at 40 weeks! And yes maybe you can see gender at 17 weeks, look for a W or a C pattern of cartilage (white) between the legs.

I was just wondering what all happens during this ultrasound from anyone else's experience. If your dr had you wait another 2 or 3 days they could do the full anatomy '20 week' scan.