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Medicine Man Charlie Turquoise (third from right) leads a group of Navajo dancers, Fort Wingate, N. Artwork by Jules Tavernier and Paul Frenzeny, 1874 . Big Foot's band of Miniconjou Sioux in costume at a dance, Cheyenne River, S. The pictures listed in this leaflet portray Native Americans, their homes and activities.

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Oto delegation of five wearing claw necklaces and fur turbans.

All of the pictures described in the list are either photographs or copies of artworks.

Any item not identified as an artwork is a photograph.

Tree burial of the Oglala Sioux near Fort Laramie, Wyo .

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Great Camp of the Piekanns near Fort Mc Kenzie, Mont. Left to right: Red Dog, Little Wound, John Bridgeman (interpreter), Red Cloud, American Horse, and Red Shirt.