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15-Dec-2019 15:27

Plan the most fun activity you can think of for your first date!

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The most important thing to remember with this kind of girl is to avoid cheese at all costs. Even if you’re not the most hilarious person in the world, she’ll appreciate you being yourself rather than trying to match her with pre-prepared lines.

She can’t be dating a shrinking violet – you need to impress her with your own confidence.

Once you’re fairly sure she’s into you, approach her either in public or somewhere private.

Check out our fun first date ideas for inspiration.

Whether it’s mini golf, climbing, or a bike ride, she’ll be super excited to see what else is on the horizon if you suggest doing something fun together.

The truth is, it depends on the individual woman: her past experiences, her personality, her interests… That’s why Match has put together a guide to how to ask a girl out, all based on her personality type.