Dating a guy who just had a baby

04-Mar-2020 13:48

Just like it was new to me to have kids in my life, having another woman in his and his children’s lives was new to him, too.

I wanted him to know that I was supportive of his little family. Whether it’s an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or ex-one-night stand, there will be another woman in the picture ALWAYS.

I honestly found this extremely tough and had to check my jealousy at the door.

There were constant reminders of her, not only in the kids themselves but in memories, photos, and so on.

I remember fairly early in our relationship, we were at dinner and out of nowhere his demeanor completely changed from happy to sad.

He told me that he missed going out to dinner as a family.

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Since he had two little people that depended on him, he wasn’t going to go bringing just anyone into that dynamic.I did want my guy to know that I understood his role as a parent so I would ask questions about them or their lives.I loved hearing him get so excited talking about the cute little things they would do.I let them decide how they wanted to get to know me and it developed naturally the more we interacted.

I knew I couldn’t push them into accepting me—it had to come at their pace. This almost seems too obvious to mention, but I found that it was sometimes hard not to be a parent when you’re around little ones.I still wanted them to respect me, so if it was something I could answer without feeling like I was overstepping, I would, but everything else I directed to their parents.

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