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(One final note - the example code above shows output in my locale.

In your locale it may differ - this is on purpose, of course!

Context, long, int)) and [format Date Range()]( Utils.html#format Date Range(android.content.

Context, long, long, int)) - which take in flags to determine which fields to include.

If you want your application to abide by the locale's formatting rules while still having control over what information to show, Date Utils is your place to go.

Be sure to read through all the different formatting flags so you can wield the most power with this tool.

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While not terribly expensive to maintain, this does cost me something.

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If the month is now 0, make it 12..") but that's cumbersome and seldom needed. BSD systems like Mac OS X don't have that, but they do have "-v" modifiers, and although I may be a bit prejudiced, I like them better. For yesterday: # I did this on April 19th, 2011 $ date -v2010y # move to 2010 Mon Apr 19 EDT 2010 $ date -v2010y -v3m # and then to March Fri Mar 19 EDT 2010 $ date -v2010y -v3m -v1d # and then to March 1st Mon Mar 1 EST 2010 $ date -v2010y -v3m -v1d -v-1d # now go back one day Sun Feb 28 EST 2010 $ date -v2008y -v3m -v1d -v-1d # same thing for 2008 (a leap year) Fri Feb 29 EST 2008 Before we look at some of the more difficult ways to manipulate dates, a word of caution is in order: when people ask for something from "yesterday" or "last week", the answer isn't always to subtract one day or seven for a week.

We can do this using already existing Unix/Linux tools. This is GNU date, and you won't find these options in "man date" - you have to use "info date" (or "pinfo date" if you hate emacs as I do). "Last week" can easily mean anything after a week back from the preceding Monday or Sunday - it's more likely to mean that than a strict "7 days back".

Here's a few examples: Calendar cal = new Gregorian Calendar(2013, 11, 20); String date = Date Utils.format Date Time(this, Time In Millis(), Date Utils. FORMAT_SHOW_YEAR); // date == "12/20/2013" date = Date Utils.format Date Time(this, Time In Millis(), Date Utils. Why might you want to use this instead of just concatenating two calls to format Date Time()?

FORMAT_SHOW_DATE); // date == "December 20" date = Date Utils.format Date Time(this, Time In Millis(), Date Utils. Besides being easier, it can optimize output in certain circumstances by reducing redundant field usage, like months/years when they don't change throughout the range: Calendar cal1 = new Gregorian Calendar(2013, 11, 20); Calendar cal2 = new Gregorian Calendar(2013, 11, 25); Calendar cal3 = new Gregorian Calendar(2014, 0, 5); String date = Date Utils.format Date Range(this, cal1Time In Millis(), cal2Time In Millis(), Date Utils.

I was merely pointing out how that method could be extended with a little twiddling.

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