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You bought premium account and need help with download? I met the tanned blondes husband shortly after at the bar and after short introductions he introduced himself as Bob. In contrast to the formal nature of Raul he wore a basketball top and a gold chain, his toned, bare muscular arms hanging prominently by his sides.The opinions of members in the chat room are their own opinions and not that of Para-X or its staff.Para-X Radio does not take responsibility for any links shared in chat by other users.

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If you can't see the comment you've just posted, it's probably in moderation queue. You know Vikki had a black kid five or 6 years back. Balancing a fresh Martini I returned to our table and whispered news of Vikki and Bob to my wife. Raul took a seat opposite to us both and I felt Katarina sit up straight beside me, pressing her fabulous firm cleavage out. The look that they already shared throughout showed Raul cared not for what I had to say.For years I had known full well Katarina's often surpressed attraction to black men so I knew this new male was every bit what she liked. The two where kissing quite heatedly, my wifes arms draped up around his neck as he rocked her to one side.She sat cross-legged, perfectly still bar a raise of her lip or gentle tapping of her foot. Maybe the way he rolled his head and stood slouched to one side. They where supporting her, grinning and casting looks at one another. I went out in front, stumbling on the road and up the motel boardwalk. Katarina had caught her shoe in the wooden stairs and Darrell had caught her.

I felt my throat go dry as I watched them across the room. He had broad shoulders, light brown skin and wore a gold stud in his ear.

For some reason I wanted to tell him about our intentions and when I mentioned Susie he raised an eyebrow. Our little talk had spurred me on and now I was more eager than ever to have my wife bred. Though he was not the tallest he was broad and square jawed. I felt my wifes hand slide into mine and the pressure of her grip suggested she was very turned on. Katarina sipped her drink with satisfaction as he slid an arm around her waist.