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02-Oct-2019 16:56

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actor Dana Ashbrook (who plays Bobby Briggs, the rebellious teenager who was dating Laura Palmer while they were also cheating on each other, and who is now a deputy in the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department) talked about when and how he realized that was going to return, how he learned that he’d be a part of it, what he thinks of his character’s new career path, only getting the pages of the script for the scenes that he was in, the experience of being directed by David Lynch, how Bobby might feel about the supernatural element of life in Twin Peaks, and what he most enjoys about these new episodes. I’ve sat there and thought about what would change and what would be different for my character, and stuff like that, but that was just like fun drinking games. How did it work, as far as you finding out what you’d be doing, this time around? I know that Kyle [Mac Lachlan] did because Kyle is Kyle, but we would just get our scenes.Collider: When did you first hear that the revival of DANA ASHBROOK: It was probably three years ago when I started hearing about it. And then, I just wanted to make sure that I was going to be a part of it. If someone had told you, when the original series wrapped, that you’d be returning to the world of and this character, so many years later, would you have thought that person was insane? Even if we were referencing something from another scene that we weren’t in, we never got to see that scene.It really was when they tweeted out, “That gum you like is coming back in style.” Everyone I know from the show was immediately on the phone with each other. Did you know pretty quickly that you’d actually be a part of the show again? I was hanging out with Sheryl Lee and we were going to London for a festival about three years ago, when this whole thing was going down. It was really just a need to know basis kind of spy operation.I got on the phone with Madchen [Amick], Sherilyn [Fenn], Sheryl Lee, James [Marshall] and Kimmy [Robertson], and we were just saying, “What have you heard?! It was before the contract problems happened, so it was on, and he told Sheryl Lee. Why is David Lynch someone that you’re willing to put yourself in the hands of, even if you don’t know where he’s going to take you?Back in the 90s, Marisa was involved with Robert Downey Jr., the Iron Man.

Did David Lynch say anything specific to you, about what he wanted from that scene, or were you able to figure that out on your own?

She had her name associated with many men along the way, but the one that got her name flying the media was her relationship with Hollywood hunk Logan Marshall-Green.