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08-Feb-2020 15:05

I was seated in the lounge waiting for you to come down from the room that I had told you to get at the Crowne Park Central in Dallas.The hotel is shaped like a triangle, with three glass elevators in the center.Your nipples harden slowly throughout the meal until they are clearly visible when we order our desert.As you enjoy your triple chocolate cake I run my hand under the silk and slide my way to the tight vee that is your womanhood.The evening begins as you slide into the booth and your dress is pulled slightly apart and exposes your knees and the dark skin just above them. You are animated as we go through the menu, moving around a bit more than is necessary and ensuring that I get a good view of those luscious mounds of flesh that are your breasts.The waiter seems a bit preoccupied as he takes our order, his eyes glancing continuously toward your chest in hope of seeing just a millimeter more to where those succulent nipples are hidden from view.There you were, on the walkway that extended from the rooms to the centrally positioned glass elevators.

You have prepared yourself very well from what I can tell from my vantage point.I can hear your breathing quicken as my fingertips slip and slide over the thin cloth that is covering the lower lips of your sex.