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29-Aug-2020 11:08

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My weight forced my cunt to open wider and wider for Daddy’s big invader and then, pretty soon, it was in me all the way and I mean all the way.

Daddy lifted me then and I rode part way off his cock but not all the way and then he let me down again, then up and down and up and down and down and up and down and up. I don’t think any of the boys I know could have just lifted me up and down like that so easily, as if I were a sex doll or something, but that is what Daddy did.

I decided to sneak up on him and give him a surprise hug. Even though I am eighteen and a senior in high school, I still love surprising Daddy and making him laugh and I was almost giggling myself as I thought about him jumping in his chair when I put my arms around him. It said, “Incest” in big letters on the side of the screen. Daddy was trying to block my view of the screen by sitting up as high as he could but I could see half the screen over his shoulder. Let’s see, um, is it Aunt Ginger because she is very pretty.” Daddy laughed. I lost sight of Daddy’s big hardon a second before I felt it against my cunt.

Hmmmm, Daddy seemed to be in some kind of a chatroom, I realized, when I looked over his shoulder at the screen. Daddy finished typing what he was saying and hit the enter key. “Bigdick: yeah, I have this same incest fantasy all the time. The cock pushed into the opening of my cunt and then Daddy just let me sink down on it.

“It hurts my feelings, Daddy, if you don’t even remember that you fucked me. “You wanted to fuck me, Daddy, you told the people in the chatroom that you did.” “A dream come true,” Daddy smiled. Sometimes people have the same dream over and over again,” I said softly, buttoning up my jammy top but doing it very slowly so Daddy could have a nice long look at my breasts. Maybe they come true a lot, too.” I yawned and stretched. She always does.” “Maybe she will burn it up this time by mistake,” I said, making Daddy laugh again before I left the room and went to bed.

I mean you really shouldn’t fuck me, Daddy, but if you are going to fuck me you should at least remember that you did. Are getting senile or something.” I felt cross now. I just am dazed by it all and amazed that it happened. I hope you are ok.” I wiped my face now and I wiped the cum off my breasts while Daddy watched me. Daddy laughed in a strange way, as if is something was getting stuck in his throat. I felt warm all over and very happy and sexy, too, and I kissed Daddy on the cheek and walked to the door, making sure I wiggled my bottom as I went.

If you are not at least 18 years old, you are required to leave this server IMMEDIATELY.

If you are unable to act adult when the need arises you are also required to leave this server IMMEDIATELY.

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Daddy was sitting at the computer and he was typing. Then he bit my nipple through the flannel, not hard but he bit it and he moved his teeth back and forth on it almost making me pass out! “So, Daddy who is the person in your fantasy who gets up on the table. Or is it Nancy, she and Greg are coming this year and she is very cute (Greg is my brother, he is 24 and Nancy is his wife, she is the same age).” Daddy shook his head. Hmmmm, I thought, Daddy was bad to have thoughts like that! I looked down as I was being lowered to where Daddy wanted me.

“Hmmm, Daddy, I want to see this,” I said, and I hopped onto his lap, folding my legs under me between Daddy’s legs and the arms of his chair. I could feel my left breast pressing Daddy’s face through the flannel top. My breasts were exposed, like totally, and they were peeking at Daddy with their hard pointy nipples and Daddy was peeking back at them. He gritted his teeth as he watched the bulge move this way and that way in the open fly of his jammies. He had wiggled it until he got the fly of his boxers lined up with the open jammy fly and then it just, bang, popped right out, like a jack in the box and I found myself staring at Daddy’s cock. I could see why Daddy called himself Bigdick in that chatroom. Suddenly his arms went around me and then my jammy bottoms were coming off and my panties with them. I felt the air on myself where my panties had been.

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