Cyrano dating agency soundtrack dating research

04-Apr-2020 21:20

But they were all very fitting for the drama, and would be played for just the right scenes, so it wasn't all too bad.

Overall, this drama was very refreshing and cute to watch.

This system produces miniature arcs usually lasting around three episodes.

Since each case aims to jump start relationships for supporting characters (often depicted by famous guest stars), various romances are sketched out.

Though eventually it may have become repetitive in a longer series, the soundtrack excels. " by The Peppertones burrows into the brain, while Ra. It's cute people using technology & a hopeless romantic girl to help people with love. Acting: I'm surprised with Sooyoung(SNSD)'s acting. Would I rewatch: I don't always rewatch dramas, but it would be nice to rewatch this in a couple months or so. : The comedy, the romance, the love antics, the different arcs get better & better each time.

D romances tenderly with "Something Flutters." Most of the instrumental fare felt funky and modern; the intro particularly impresses. If you like having second lead-syndrome, then this drama is for you.

I did root for Master(second lead)for the main lead girl. Read More This drama actually turned out to be pretty good from what I had expected.

A lot of cheesy romance and the ending was pretty much predicted from the start, but nonetheless it was cute and fun to watch when all I was expecting was a mediocre spin-off of the original movie. I'm actually surprised by how well Sooyoung did in this drama..

Here I must admit that I fell hard for Lee Chun Hee as "Master".

I thought he did better as the "gang-leader" persona than of Master who was in love Min Young... " by the Peppertones, "A Certain Heart Fluttering" by Ra.

I would love to see him in some sort of action film, because I think he can portray a villainous character well. Hong Jong Hyun didn't have much expression, but I think that's just how his character was. I wish the writers would've given him a separate story line like HJH's romance with Hye Ri, cause we only got to see him as a member of Cyrano Agency, and not much of anything else. D and "That One Person is You" by Jessica are ones you want to lookout for, since those are probably the 3 best songs on the soundtrack, the rest of them I didn't paticularly like.

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The rest of the cast performs well, if not memorably. It was the one of the factors that made this drama so sweet. D's song, A Curtain Heart Fluttering, was such an amazing song.