Cybersex chat logs

07-Aug-2020 23:34

And I probably have cybersex a few times a week, for maybe an hour or hour and a half.

And yet, I've never experienced "personal neglect" nor "depression" as a result of this.

The screen name for some guy who used to go around asking unsuspecting girls to cyber, and then would gradually piss them off more and more as the conversation went on. Robotnik's evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.

His creativeness and unique comedic style is what has turned him into an internet legend. Britney Spears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, Bloodninja.

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Britney Spears14: Don't ever message me again you piece.

It's just masturbation with fantasy enhancement from another person (and all men fantasize while they're masturbating anyway).