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10-Jan-2020 07:02

The goal of the section is to make your internet activity secure from nonconsensual tracking and monitoring, effectively making you anonymous (though you are never -truly- anonymous; you have an IP address and an Internet Provider after all).The amount of protection you adopt is totally up to you: usually the trade-off is the more protection you want, the slower and more inconvenient browsing on the web can be.

Left unchecked, your cookies will feed personal data to private companies.

They can know where it came from, where it’s going, and everything contained within.

This is where encryption is handy: encryption is like sealing the letters in envelopes, guaranteeing that only the desired recipient can read the letters’ contents.

These cookies (as well as their ugly cousins like LFOs that perform similar functions) are especially valued by marketing companies that build intimate profiles of your personal information and web habits to be mined and sold for advertising purposes.

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Often accumulating for months and even years, malicious cookies can expose vast amounts of personal information about you that companies should not have.

Digital spaces are unique in that you often have to rely on companies and developers to protect your well being and data as you go about your digital life.