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08-Mar-2020 14:11

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Maybe just a simple shell which has the navbar and menu and a blank main page.This would be easier to work with when starting to use the template rather than having to strip out all the unnecessary demo html and javascript. Hello again, I was just playing around with the angular version and realized that there are memory leaks.

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For example you could add a data-attribute-link to your nav items instead of the actual link, you then need to program this and integrate it to the "load URL" function, so instead of calling the URL you will be calling the data-attribute that contains the page link. If you try to add class="smart-form" to the bootstrap wizard's form in order to use the template's form elements, every content above the header loses its margins and the form-actions panel is extended over the wizards width.This time I'll try to engineer it in such a way that future upgrades will be easier to migrate to.