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At any cost, server-side validation will work in any condition whether client-side validation is executed or not. For developer point of view serve side is preferable rather than client side because it will not fail and not dependent on browser and scripting language. In fact, you should use both client side and server side validation.

It is not very difficult to bypass client-side validation.

User input had to be validated so that malicious use of pages could not be achieved so that incorrect or unwanted piece of information was not entered so that the information stored was standardized. I am going to cover in depth all the validation mechanisms/techniques/controls we have available in our ASP. Validation is used to must always be validated user’s input before sending across different layers of the application.

So it an important part of any web application So the Validation controls are used to: Since validation is of two types Server side and Client Side which is more than often done automatically whenever the need by reducing the workload of the programmer.

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if both textbox text matches then validation success.

Required Field Validator control is used to checks data is entered into the attached control.

The syntax of the required Field control is as given: In this example, I create two textboxes for username and password.

When the world only knew the ASP, there were certain things which were a real-time pain for the developers.

They have to keep bending their back and screwing up their minds for validating the user input.

Since with client-side validation, we can reduce unnecessary round trips to the server.