Crazy dating voicemail herpes dating ft worth

28-Aug-2020 06:31

The cycle depicted in these voicemails is usually a predictable pattern that many abusive, unstable women cycle through: threaten, intimidate, insult, degrade, tears and please feel sorry for me, threaten, intimidate, insult, degrade, tears, please feel sorry for me, wash, rinse, repeat. She’s also blaming Mark for her crazy behavior, which is nonsense. Others may hurt or upset us, but we choose how to react. These women will use any emotional ploy they can to suck you back into the crazy. I feel sorry for this woman against my own better judgement.

This woman does not need a boyfriend; she needs a dialectical behavior therapist.

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Intrigued, I followed the link and hit the mother load.

“Mark,” the original poster of the voicemails, explains his now defunct site by stating: There comes a time in most relationships that one of the two parties wants to end it – and about that time all hell breaks loose.

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