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There are many Internet sites that offer the full text of court opinions free of charge.

These sites are best used to access recent decisions when the case name, title, or date is known.

After a march through the city streets, Johnson burned an American flag while protesters chanted. § 42.09 (1989) may not satisfy those intent on finding fault at any cost, [it is] set out in terms that the ordinary person exercising ordinary common sense can sufficiently understand and comply with. As the Court analyzes this case, it presents the question whether the State of Texas, or indeed the Federal Government, has the power to prohibit the public desecration of the American flag. In my judgment, rules that apply to a host of other symbols, such as state flags, armbands, or various privately promoted emblems of political or commercial identity, are not necessarily controlling.

No one was physically injured or threatened with injury, although several witnesses were seriously offended by the flag burning. 1, 11 (1988), we stated that a facial challenge is only proper under the First Amendment when a statute can never be applied in a permissible manner or when, even if it may be validly applied to a particular defendant, it is so broad as to reach the protected speech of third parties. Even if flagburning could be considered just another species of symbolic speech under the logical application of the rules that the Court has developed in its interpretation of the First Amendment in other contexts, this case has an intangible dimension that makes those rules inapplicable.

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Also on that web site is a full text archive of the opinions of the Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics, Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, and the Committee on Attorney Advertising.

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New opinions are downloaded every night to keep the collection up to date.

The entire RECAP Archive now has information for more than 20 million searchable PACER documents.

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Free Internet sources are generally not recommended for subject research because the sites are not comprehensive and subject searching is not as sophisticated as print, Westlaw, or Lexis. To limit your search to only Supreme Court cases, use the advanced search option.

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