Consolidating student loans interest

10-Nov-2020 06:01

Find out if student loan consolidation is right for you.

This could result in a lower interest rate and/or a lower monthly payment.

Get a 0.25% interest rate reduction when you are enrolled in automatic payments.

To enroll for automatic payments, complete the enrollment form online or call us at 1-800-STUDENT to request a copy of the enrollment form, complete it and mail it back to the address on the form. You can choose to consolidate while you are still in school, during your grace period or after your grace period expires.

During that time, we complete the credit review process, you (and your cosigner, if applicable) will sign the loan documents and we will ask you to obtain payoff statements from your current loan servicers.

If you prefer, we can schedule a call with you and your current loan servicer(s) to verify the loans you want to consolidate.

Your repayment period can be 10 or 20 years, based on your creditworthiness.