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14-Oct-2019 03:11

When completing the application it was asked the amount we would be borrowing over the next 2 years and my son was approved for that amount.

The University received 2 disbursements for fall and Spring Junior Semesters.

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I have three loans with them and each loan has a 12% interest rate.

Overall this is a scum company and it deserves to be shut down. You may pay nothing at all or something little while you're in school but it doesn't matter because all is well and you're having a great experience.

Then you graduate..receive a 6 months grace period to find yourself a decent paying job.

Which you can enter 3 months at a time ( a month) and pay that "good faith payment".

I am entering my 9 more months of that because they will not do anything else.

If I did not pay interest while still in college, I would have a hard time paying these loans.