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30-Apr-2020 04:52

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Often, business leaders look only at their individual statements to go about their business.

At the end of the day, consolidation is really about addition – adding in balancing entries. Here are some of the complexities we see regularly: 1.

In the outside world, the only revenue that counts is revenue coming from a real customer.

That’s what consolidation is all about – putting together financial statements that eliminate all the internal back and forth and focus only on “real” customer revenue.

Scaling Up to Multiple Systems On purpose, we’ve used a simplified example.

In reality, it’s rare to have such a simple situation.

When your entities are in different countries, things get more complicated.

Every government in the world wants to collect more tax. Companies go through consolidation because outsiders don’t care about all your inter-company back and forth.

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If your manufacturing plant in Mexico charges too little to the U. While simple eliminations can create a consolidated view, they don’t help you determine how much money each division really made.

So, we have to make journal entries to “eliminate” the intercompany entries while preserving the original statements for the manufacturing and retail group.

Elimination simply means backing out all intercompany activity transactions.

In the context of financial accounting, consolidation is the aggregation of the financial statements of two or more companies under the same ownership into a consolidated financial statement.

To really grasp consolidation, you need to understand that in the outside world, no one cares about money that’s traded back and forth between different companies under the same ownership.As companies grow, structures get complex, and multiple levels of consolidation must occur.

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