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21-Sep-2019 23:38

This breakdown is not so apparent with a consolidated financial statement.If an investor wants to know how each individual subsidiary is doing, it is helpful for the investor to see a combined financial statement, rather than a consolidated statement.

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If it's more important to be able to assess each entity or company on its own merits—instead of as part of the unified whole—then the combined financial statement may be more suitable.

The combined financial statement reports the finances of the subsidiaries and the parent company separately, but combined into one document.

Within the one document, the parent's and subsidiaries' financial statements still remain distinct.

At the end of the day, both presentation methods report the aggregate results of operations and financial position of two or more entities.

In a consolidated presentation, there is a parent company that has a controlling interest in one or more subsidiary entities and/or is the primary beneficiary of one or more VIEs.Combined financial statements are generally easier to prepare than consolidated financial statements.