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Yea-Joon, you're right we do feel superior to animals becasue we don't look at the whole pic and see that we are just like them but on a larger scale, or are at least in some countries, but then not all animals are like that either. All these facts took ages to come out to the public and some of the things that US did during this period they are still not admitting it. Maybe it's the influence of Christianity that i grew up with. Only problem is that my idea of bein 'better' is different from other people's just in a sense that my favourite meal would be different from other people's favourite meal. Argh, I should cut out writing on here so early in the morning. I think it's because I come from a city that's almost entirely populated with white people so I automatically assume that most people are white unless otherwise specified. i'm finally taking world history this year and so far it's been nothing but europe.

wow, at first when i read Forgotten Catholic Spiritual Guilt's comment about wicca being banned in Shannin's country i laughed because you can't ban religion! But shannon can still be a wiccan even if it's banned, yah maybe she can't practice openly like the rest of us but she can still follow the ideaogology( grrr can't spell)and beliefs and be a wiccan This is a part of Faith's post on vegetarianism and animal living conditions and so forth, "Its disgusting the conditions these animals live in- packed together so tightly they suffocate, most of them never even seeing the outdoors, chickens with their beaks cut off so they can barely eat- becuase they'd peck each other to death in their cramped quarters otherwise. America's foreign policy has always been deceiving to large degree and full of dishonesty. I criticised your poem or story really harshly or sometimes I made more of an insulting comment on your writings or you as a writer or even you as a person. just for the record, I am not a Christian, but I believe in Christian love. But I want you all to know, and I want everybody to think about it, I love you all in the end. My last posting was supposed to be: Somehow, I figured out that I could write something that takes an hour, in just fifteen minutes. ;-)Pogo---*** sometimes all it seems like is that im getting to know waaaay to much about the Parliament. i was thinking the other day - is it racist to picture a white person when someone talks about people unless specified otherwise, or is that just expected cause i'm white and i'm in the majority? there's not a lot of focus on details about government types or economies.

It would be wrong for me to eat meat, because humans are just an advanced form of animal, and we have the ability to NOT eat meat.

Humans and animals are all equal in the eyes of Spirit.

but then i realized that because you can't ban religion in north america doesn't mean you can't in other places like say... I won't even describe the life of a typical dairy/beef cow... I don't have an opinon on whether the photographs that Powell used were 'real' or not, but all I'm saying is that I can understand perfectly well why some peopel find it hard to believe that they are genuine. Let's say that maybe I have been a real bastard to you (well, maybe it's not really just an 'imagination' after all for some people). Would you help out a man who has done wrong to you in the past? Not because I feel like I am superior human being but because I have this love for the world and mankind no matter how dark (? This is so corny that it makes me want to throw up - but I know I've always been like this. That was written like four~five years ago and it says basically the same thing I am saying here. i keep the boring imfo long enough to pass a quiz and then dump it.... (to those who are slowly becoming ofended..curiculum is also Christain base, like a weird nondenominational kind, so it talks against nazism and even evolution. all this talk about whether nazi germany was capitalist or socialist or what, for example, is a completely new question for me. Pogo---*** you were talking about English vs American history, my school curiculum has been droning on Old World history for years. i dont want anybody else calling her by name unless you're willing to risk life and limb stealing presents for her and one of those presents is paul simon on vinyl. Many conservatives accuse Hitler of being a leftist, on the grounds that his party was named "National Socialist." But socialism requires worker ownership and control of the means of production.

We're just exploiting and exploiting and exploiting these animals- because we have larger brains and opposable thumbs. If you keep on lying for a century then sooner or later people start to doubt everything you say, EVEN when you are saying the truth. I was just thinking, what would people think if I came back here and wrote soemthing like above? I go around writing comments like 'your writing's crap. And suddenly i disappear for months without making a single comment or posting anything or coming here to talk on the chatwall. If a man who hurt you most came back to you and asked for your help, would you do whatever you can to help him out? But it's not somethign to boast about because I know why I can. Why am I going out of my way to say these things now? Bio last year with human reproduction was slightly comical, as they made it sound like the most boring thing in the world. every year it starts with like, Sumer and Egypt, then on and on, and exstensive Enlgish history, and then on to a little about America, each year a little something more. unfunny clown, you arent allowed to love emma OR call her by name. IN NAZI GERMANY, PRIVATE CAPITALIST INDIVIDUALS OWNED THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION, AND THEY IN TURN WERE FREQUENTLY CONTROLLED BY THE NAZI PARTY AND STATE. Three wishes xxxjust got back from a bar mitzvah party. i will gladly participate in your dance party though. emma -- i don't even know you and i absolutely love you. I survived the first forensics meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They have diffenately said no now to a Faith spin off but are considering one with Dawn and the Scoobies. It doesn't matter where I was yesterday and where I may be tomorrow. I need to be artistic and deep and delusional and everything I used to be before I got dragged out of the dark waters off the coast of happiness... I think you'll have to dump them if you're going to be happy.

Personally I think your wrong I don't think any of them could make a title role. Today i was here and I was full of love and i wanted you all to know. Finally got around to seeing all of Requiem for a Dream without jumping around or skipping parts. NGS is really starting to bore me, so I'm not on there as much.

and make no mistake people hardcore and most .gendres are closer to metal than senor's weird ass punk, the only notable band to evolve to be hardcore from punkare tree Crazybob: I hate you, and I don't put any credit to your words at all.

Xander and Dawn are not strong enough characters for a title role. my sister had it for 3 weeks and when she managed to stumble out of bed she just sort of blinked at everyone with red rimmed sleep deprived eyes and made little noises like a kitten stuck in a laundry chute because she couldn't talk because her throat hurt so much, and blew her nose once every 2 seconds straight for 3 weeks and nearly drove me insane... xp- see you don't eat meat but you don't blame other people who do, or criticize them (as far as i know)...i hate when people do that.

If they turn it into Kennedy the Vampire Slayer, I'm going to shoot myself. Faith: I'm supposed to be better by Monday, but by then I'll have missed a whole week of school...which is actually bad because I'll have A LOT to make up. My flu better not last for 3 weeks..temperature's clear down to 100 right now. they're so stuck on their own opinion that they can't accept anyone else's. I don't have sentimental feelings for my steaks, I just want to be sure that I'm not going to die eating them. I actually ended up eating a 'commercial hamburger' today. If I ever get started on something really stupid, just remember that it'll last about half a week, max.

Since meat grows in little styrofoam packets for most of us, we never even think about the fact that not only did an animal die for it, but it probably never really lived, in any sense of the word." Now, let me paraphrase it a bit and see if it hits you. IF US has been honest in the past and IF they have been admitting all their wrong doings in the past then MAYBE people outside of US would think that there could be at least some honesty in the Secretary of State of the USA. Would people say 'hey, it serves you right, go and sulk on your own hahaha' or 'oh poor yea-joon come here, we'll be your friends you poor boy'. Open arms are nice, and I like coming back to message boards on the Internet because... And then I come back saying something like I said on the top of my writing here - that I am sorry for what I have done in the past and I am a broken man now. Because I can't accept myself turning these people down. Why am I doing this untimately 'uncool' thing by confessing my love for the mankind in public place like this? People are not what they seem, whether online or offline. I'm not saying the usual stuff like 'everybody has a good side' or 'everybody was a baby once' or 'everybody's equal in God's eyes' or something like that. Three wishes xxx In case you are all wondering (which you probably are not) here are the current standings in my Elections Activity: Midnight: 6 Xandrique: 3 Yea-Joon: 3 David: 2 Gayle Goh: 2 Hannah: 2 Laeorn: 2 Warthog In A King Prawn Suit: 2 Aphrodite-In-Training: 1 Catholic Guilt: 1 Christian : 1 Dark Faerie: 1 Derya: 1 Firebird: 1 Haz: 1 Jubi: 1 Kitty The Seerian Catperson: 1 Linda Gilham: 1 Melu Leigh Reed: 1 Senor Saurkraut: 1 Summervenus: 1 Taleia: 1okay yall, now i am pretty stoned so if i don't make sense i'll correct myself later. Communism would also be good if we could find an truthfull and unselfish person to run it. the next book i get is all about America, finally, but its going to be mostly about government. "Boadicea" goes "mmmmmmmm mmm m m mmmmm mmmmmmm mm m mmm". True socialism does not advocate such economic dictatorship -- it can only be democratic.

;) "Its disgusting the conditions us humans live in- packed together so tightly we suffocate, most of us never even seeing the outdoors... If US is losing respect of other countries on what they say and what they do, US has to understand that it's because they have been disrespectful for other countries for so long. It's time for US to be more self-reflective and self-critical so that US can learn to cohabit this world with other countries with different opinions and ideologies instead of trying to 'rule' it. well, there are no arms on the Internet, open or closed, so wherever I go I feel like there are open arms greeting me. I feel bad about myself in general and I feel so f. Would you then laugh at me or would you be genuinely be concerned about me? All i'm saying is that when you feel love, you feel love. but i found something i think would be pretty cool for us to do. (Pathetic answer, I know.) 3) what are your beliefs pertaining to good and evil? But what is this human obsession with personalizing abstractions? i will have known plantey about the Nobles and Serfs of England, but the pioneers? yet another young love, beautiful in it's bloom, yet it withers, withers so soon, O so soon." Aren't i great? Hitler's other political beliefs place him almost always on the far right. Three wishes xxx Warty: I can't remember the evidence, but they definitely weren't Communist, and although there was obviously a certain degree of state control, I'm pretty certain that there was some Capitalist thing going on. No, Scheherezade is not irritated easily, and no she does not suffer from PMS. I won't even describe the life of a typical dairy/beef cow... Here he is, probably some college lecturer, undermining the honesty of the Secretary of State of the United States of America and the accuracy of trained photograph interpreters. Question the importance of the facts, not their existence. sorry i'm behaving slightly strangely at the moment too hyper mainly for two reasons 1) for like the 100th time i'm trying to give up smoking (2 weeks so far yay) 2)I fancy someone who is complety out of my type and sort, and i've known him for a while and only just realised it, but I know that i'ld never go for it. I just bought the most glorious dress, and matching shoes. Don't come to me saying that I'm full of love because I'm in love with a girl at the moment, or because I didn't live a tough life. I don't weigh between good and bad in this world and decide that the world is more of a good than bad so I'll love it - I never think like that. I had this teaching experience - full of brats and a lot of kids that I taught were probably kind of kids that I would have hated back when I was in secondary school. Zade-you rock They're gonna air the Michael Jackson thing here. Typing up a speech for communications class today, I looked over someone's shoulder to see he was using a quote: "My greatest fear is to pass through this world unknown. I saw the trailer where they were talking about his plastic surgery, and they showed the painting of him as an angel. I cant go on about all he said but it was this doumentary and ohmygod hes so strange 'I am peter pan' great stuff, i wonder if they'll air it over there warty, what stanza activity? I'm getting really freaking tired of Michael Jackson.

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