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03-Jan-2020 20:19

If your child is home on your computer or at a local library, it's better than being out with friends being fresh, or being perpressured to doing something they know isnt right.

You might not know where your child is, @CAPS2 forbidde in a hospital bed because of a drive-by.

The association of @ORGANIZATION1 reported that in @PERCENT1 of @ORGANIZATION1 used a website and of them @PERCENT5 were in good positions.

The president of @CAPS8 @NUM2 imports said that they use an online catalouge because @CAPS3 is cheaper, but they can also promote that @CAPS3 is to save trees, or for the castomer's convinence.

In some cases this is true but in most cases studdies show that computers can help people.

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Most buissness, including the Newspaper, use the internet to advertise, shop, or read.

In moderation computers are the most useful tool out there." 5 5 10 9 1 "Dear reader, @ORGANIZATION1 has had a dramatic effect on human life.