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12-Mar-2020 10:19

Review 3 demonstrated a high-quality design in terms of having a transparent and well-designed search strategy, considering the validity of the outcome constructs, and an assessment of the influence of the different study designs.

However, the authors of Review 3 did not quantify the overall summary effect for all of the primary studies, nor account for the possibility of outliers or publication bias.

The primary studies in the reviews were based on evidence from the USA, Canada, and South Africa.

There is some evidence that educational interventions to prevent relationship violence have reduced crime, but overall the interventions have not had a statistically significant effect on crime.

Of the five studies included in the sub-analysis regarding communication skills, the results suggest slight improvement in skills following exposure to the intervention.

However, the improvement was not statistically significant and no connection is made as to whether this improvement is directly or indirectly linked to reductions in sexual violence.

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Review 1 notes that the educational interventions might reduce crime by providing participants with the skills to communicate effectively; deal constructively with stress, disappointment and rejection; resolve conflicts and promote healthier relationships.

Review 2 used a well-designed search strategy and considered publication bias and the validity of the outcome constructs.