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23-Oct-2019 12:24

You may be used to walking up to a woman and asking her name or telling her she’s pretty.Cocky comedy suggests instead that you act a little bit like a brat when you make your approach. 1- Why Cocky Comedy Works Every woman has heard every line in the book.then you need to take the time to seriously read over this article. I think the reason that most of us jumped so quickly onto to the negging and cocky bandwagon was because we sub-consciously looked at it as an excuse to take out some of our pent up anger out on some of the women who had jilted us. This means that you stop worrying about searching for commonalities. But we quickly found that it was completely ineffective. I was teaching for two semester at community college so that’s where the photo was taken. Her: ha, ha, well suppose I am a private person and maybe I only want cute guys to see it. Better than posting trashy photos on myspace like so many girls do in this area. Her: Right, that’s why I am communicating with you.

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You might walk up to a woman and say “There’s a girl over there wearing the same dress as you,” for example. I got this in Paris.” Let’s say she then says “Yeah, I lived there for a year.” This would be your chance to be a bit bratty, and say “Oh, man, I didn’t know you lived in Paris.

Negs and cocky/funny are the two most misused concepts in the dating community. and whose negs wind up insulting the woman you’re trying to engage… No one (not even perfect 10’s) likes to be around people that make us self conscious. the most effective way to do this is keep her in the moment.

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