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Of course, there's still hope- maybe Ruben will oblige. At least the Claymates have ceased to have him shipped with every woman within a 10 foot radius." Paulus does seem like an idiot,not very bright, must be hard for him tho to see clay so happy with a real bf.

Reed is the son of a man named Randy Kelly, who was mayor of St. Randy Kelly is a Democrat but in 2004, he endorsed George W. Someone he goes home and fucks whenever he wants to.

Clay and I have mutual acquaintances, share some friends, and no some of the very same people. Makes clay's revulsion at him even harder to take."On the contrary, what would be revolting is if Clay Aiken was doing you.

You, like other Claymates, should simply overcome your bitterness and perhaps, just maybe, you'll be able to make up for the loss of knowing that you'll never have the opportunity to quarter turn your openly gay idol...runner-up. David Letterman had a stalker who was convinced that David was her husband, though they never met. I think it wonderful that Clay is openly dating a gay man.

He's actually a very nice guy & in person quite attractive... That describes Reed as well, who's the sweetest guy around & not a gold-digger in the least. Just think of the things he could do with being that flexible too! ;-)With regards to Reed and Clay- it's an on again off again relationship.

They've been together for the past year & are very happy. The latest gossip is that they've been together over a year and he was one of the reasons Clay finally decided to do Broadway after turning down offers for years. Living just a few minutes away from Clay, I know A LOT more about him then the Claymates who feel they know everything about the guy. Yeah, Paulus moved real close to Clay and it's not near his job or family---just Clay. Oh the jealousy of the Claymates permeates the air here. John Paulus is one sick stalker, he claims he has been in touch with Reed to tell him Clay is cheating on him. Someone needs to take a higher road so this thread can die.

He's also obviously obsessed with Clay, or with the notoriety he achieved through his connection to him, as he blogged for years about his meeting with Clay.

His connection to Clay got him into porn (disasterously, as anyone who saw it will tell you - nice ass, limp dick throughout, looked like he was passing a kidney stone while he sucked cock), and even now he's interviewed for E!

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The guy is a dancer-model and is not the powerhouse in that relationship. Messy" so I don't think that he is going to clean Clay up any time soon.Hell, John Paulus couldn't even sustain a career in porn. The ones that are left are saying they are happy for Clay and happy he may have found a boyfriend. But I don't want to see pictures of him with a boyfriend."They're a weird bunch for sure. "It was obvious they were a couple," a partygoers says.

As for why he wanted to do it, Tim says the prospect of having women hand-selected just for him by three super high-end matchmakers was way too tempting to turn down.… continue reading »

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