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07-Dec-2019 04:49

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Believe it or not, 82% of the people we surveyed said they’d find it romantic if their partner sang to them (though the remaining 18% said it would end in sheer embarrassment).Interestingly, over a quarter of men said they’d willingly learn how to play an instrument in order to impress a partner while only 16% of American women felt similarly.Join today with Classical Music Lover, where you can find singles who love classical music just like you. ) sign up today for free, so why not give it a go and see if one of the loads of Classical Music Lovers with profiles and pictures we have online in your area are the ideal match for you?This is a great online dating community for lovers of the classics!

classical music online dating-20

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With classical music, you are the lead in your own life.

Often when I'm on a bad date — the type of encounter where the man I am sitting across from has no visible interests in the world or in me — I think of Siegfried's Funeral March by Richard Wagner.

The intense opening; the strings pulling the life away from the gleaming stars, forcing the listener to be captivated with the idea of gloom.

It's easy to think of pop music as the soundtrack for a single person's life.

We can recall Rihanna's voice serenading us in our car as we drive to yet another date, looking for love in a hopeless place.

At the same time, you find yourself wanting to know more about this person, so you ask similar questions, and the answers bounce off one another. Then after dinner, you both walk on the street, gingerly brushing your hands against one another's until he or she holds yours, and you find yourself at a coffee shop that is open late, and you order the sweetest drinks on the menu.