Christian pitre hot

17-Sep-2020 13:26

Christian Pitre (Crazy, Stupid, Love/Adopted/Boys of Summerville)Matthew Marsden (Resident Evil: Extinction/Black Hawk Down)Kristinna Loken (Burn Notice/Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines/The L Word)Eve (Barbershop/Rapper/XXX)Kevin Mc Nally (Pirates of the Caribbean/Supernatural/Valkyrie)Gary Busey (The Firm/Point Break/Piranha 3DD)Barak Hardly (Game Shop/Blue Like Jazz)Since the greed-fueled corporations were destroyed 20 years ago, the world has been governed by The Council of Nine; a group of determined individuals, set on bringing new law and order for humankind into this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Their weapons against the uprisings of the white-collar criminals? Bounty Killers are celebrated by the people; revered pillars of the community and many such as Drifter and Mary Death have reached cult status.

Christian Pitre is stunning and she comes across as a legit badass.

Mary Death absolutely steals the show and probably more than a few hearts of those watching.

The earth ends up destroyed and a special council is put in place to serve death warrants on the remaining corporation leaders.

In 2014 she was cast in the role of Emma Anderson in sci-fi film Teleios, which was released under the title Beyond the Trek in 2017.

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