Checklist dating women

28-Jan-2020 23:14

If his friends are of good character, that is a positive indicator for the relationship.

Thoughtful reflection proceeds any action he takes.

Do you get a sense of peace after praying about the relationship and seeking God’s will that this is the right way to go? Especially if you are from a loving and somewhat functional family this is usually a very good sign.

Your in-laws can be a strengthening or weakening factor for your marriage.

When he speaks, he says what he means, and he means what he says. Since you have been with him you find yourself getting closer to God. He respects your thoughts, feelings, and preferences.

He doesn’t ridicule or ignores your feelings and he takes what you are feeling and thinking into consideration.

Take a close look at the character of his closest friends.

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Down the line, when any interpersonal issues as a couple need to be dealt with, he will be able to do his part as you do yours.Note-if it is just his momma telling you these stories, consider the source.