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28-May-2020 02:23

A year later, the gild is off the lily, and they’re bored stiff with their marriage and their wife.

There are many Thai women who would like to have a Western boyfriend or husband so choose carefully.

Good Thai girls are shy and reserved and you will have to approach them. Consequently, quite a few educated Thai girls aren’t that interested in marrying a Thai guy.

These girls also think that Western men are better (I’m not sure if that’s true, but who am I to judge!

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He ended up sitting next to a Thai woman and they started to talk. She’s smart, well educated, from a nice family and is an awesome wife.

Well brought up Thai girls from good families are taught not to talk to men first, and definitely never approach one. A lot of Thai women like Western men and would love one as a boyfriend.

So, no matter how much the girl tries to persuade you otherwise, she’s probably not a good Thai girl. Thai men often have the reputation of having too many girlfriends and many still have a mistress or ‘mia noi‘ even after they get married.

None of these are good signs and if, after asking, you still don’t get to meet the family, it might be time to look for another girl.6. If you are too aggressive, too rude, not polite when you’re out with her, and expect her to have sex with you almost as soon as you meet her, she won’t stick around for long. Thai women usually make amazing wives, so treat her nicely from the minute you meet her and you won’t be sorry.7.

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Try To Find A Girl You Have Something In Common With.

So, if you strike up a conversation with a nice girl, you could suggest having a cup of coffee to continue the conversation.