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There are many reported cases of use to aid joint and muscle pain, reduce haematomas and swelling amongst other complaints and ailments.

There are essentially two types of magnetic fields that tend to be used for therapeutic benefit: static and pulsed.

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ID=view-all-credit-cards&intc=2~3~51~5~180901~1~Cards ACQ~Product Explorer CC,auto Deduct:null You are leaving a Citi Website and going to a third party site.The former is often used in shoe inserts, bracelets, joint supports, mattress pads and collars that are placed close to the site of discomfort or problem area.The magnetic fields generate energy which aims to subtly influence local tissues by encouraging greater blood flow to the area which will in turn bring oxygen and nutrients to the tissues improving the efficiency of the area you are applying the magnets to.Despite this lack of definitive proof, in a survey of the human population 28% of patients with a diagnosis of rheumatoid or osteoarthritis said they used some form of magnetic device.

When considering clinical trial evidence, it is important to not completely discount a certain form of therapy that has not produced improvements on one occasion.It often consists of a unit which supplies the current and a set of wires and an application pad which delivers it to the skin surface.