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The solution relies on rapid adaptation to channel variations, employing HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request) with soft-combining and rate adaptation.inform the UEs of allocated radio resources.

The e NB schedules the UEs both on the downlink and on the uplink.

The LTE access network is simply a network of base stations, evolved Node B (e NB), generating a flat architecture (figure 2).

There is no centralized intelligent controller, and the e NBs are normally inter-connected viathe X2-interface and towards the core network by the S1-interface (figure 2).

The reason for distributing the intelligence amongst the base-stations in LTE is to speed up the connection set-up and reduce the time required for a handover.

For an end-user the connection set-up time for a real time data session is in many cases crucial, especially in on-line gaming.

For each UE scheduled in a TTI the user data will be carried in a Transport Block (TB).

DL there can be a maximum of two TBs generated per TTI per UE – if spatial multiplexing is used. In LTE the number of channels is decreased compare to UMTS.

The Evolved Packet System (EPS) is purely IP based.

The new access solution, LTE, is based on OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) and in combination with higher order modulation (up to 64QAM), large bandwidths (up to 20 MHz) and spatial multiplexing in the downlink (up to 4x4) high data rates can be achieved.

The highest theoretical peak data rate on the transport channel is 75 Mbpsin the uplink, and in the downlink, using spatial multiplexing, the rate can be as high as 300 Mbps.

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Both real time services and datacom services will be carried by the IP protocol.

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