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16-Apr-2020 21:33

When it was initially launched, it propelled to popularity, so much that it was able to raise million in series B funding.

Each piece on the activewear line is designed to flatter the female figure and solve any problems that Beyonce’ herself struggled with.

What do you do after you earn enough fame being on television and the movies? At least this is what the current top Hollywood celebrities have been doing.

We decided to sit down and find all the awesome celebrity brands out there today and collect them in this one super list.

Most recently, the brand introduced plus-sized clothing collection with collaboration from Crate & Barrel.

She seems to think she would badly regret that decision and would have to face—more irony—the shame of a naked face with all the imperfections.

If you’ve been wondering how these celebrities get their logos, check out 99 logos which has provided many of the logos for the celebrity brands in this list.