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She misheard the cues from the wire people, masters of movie aeronautics but Chinese speakers all, and she dropped a little too soon, a little too hard.

For six weeks, she couldn't walk on the leg, and she was, in a word, freaking.

She does not understand those who do like to watch. Breaking the box-office records all over again with The birth of her first child.

She has seen People watch this film over and over again, and she can't quite understand it. A month in Hawaii, sunbaked on the beach, sucking mango and doing yoga. Answering annoying questions from an Esquire writer.

"I was on crutches, and a guy said, 'Hey, my girlfriend just auditioned for your part.'" Fortunately, the guy was full of shit. While filming in France, the boredom between shooting days was stultifying. I quit steaks for a while, but it's a hard habit to break." 11. To get the shot, Moss also had to perform a move called the Juicy Lift — a complicated maneuver she learned in stunt-driving school that involves yanking the parking brake and turning the steering wheel just so.

She recently met Jennifer Garner, the star of "I just wanted to hold her hand and say, 'You understand.' We compared notes about which muscles hurt the worst when you do this sort of action work. If I sat down and tried to take a break, he'd say, 'What are you doing?

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"I felt like I was filling some kind of nudity quota that week." And she duly performed toe-sucking duties in a scene with Jeremy Piven (Moss was the receiver) in the 2000 mob comedy directing duo — ordered a screen test to see if their stars had chemistry.

Carrie-Anne Moss is the subject of a respectable number of heavy-breathing fan Web sites, has logged a few minutes on Jay Leno's couch, has signed plenty of autographs.

But compared with other phenomena — her stoic costar Keanu Reeves and those much-imitated slow-motion high kicks, say — the Canadian actress seems kind of overshadowed. After four years and a handful of other movies — including the brilliant retrograde murder mystery takes place in a cave close to the earth's molten core in the subterranean city of Zion.

Hundred-million-dollar movie franchises don't wait for hobbling actresses from middle-class families from Vancouver, she figured. Anything a stuntwoman can do, a famous actor can do splashier.

"I remember going somewhere around that time," she says. "I would just set out into the pastures for hours, and I'd end up hanging out with the cows. I got to know them really well and eventually decided it was weird to be having this relationship with these cows and still be eating meat. Of course, if Moss missed the mark, a bunch of crew people just outside the shot would have been eating metal. "From now on," she says, "I'm happy to stick to my Volvo." 12. "These got it the worst." Week two of rehearsals on the first sequel, Moss injured her leg.